Video looking into Potters physicist’s report.

In this video we got the thought’s of a expert AstroPhysicist to look at the thought’s of Chris potters Physicist and in this video we address Is Eris A Brown Dwarf Star?

Live hangout with Astronomy Live to discuss topics such as, Is Venus a comet – the Incoming asteroid on Feb 16th as well as other things.

In this video we look at what could be the NASA press conference could be about and explain the truth about the new worlds that have been found and also look at a new galaxy we just discovered.

Debunking You Tuber Wayne Steiger’s  ‘Physicist’s Brown Dwarf’

Climate Change / Global Warming

This is a first in a series of videos on climate change and extreme weather

In Part 2 of ‘Global Warming and Climate Change’, we will be looking into the difference between climate and weather, how warming is causing more precipitation, and it’s connection to extreme weather. And yes.. That means snow storms as well.

Part one of an ongoing Series on the Impacts of climate change and exploring technologies and approaches try to combat global warming.

This video we look at Co2 and find out if there is to little to do anything at all.

Live hangout with researcher and blog writer Tiffany as we talk about her findings on the solar minimum

Fear for Profit!

A fabulous demonstration video of how to avoid lens flares, reflections, and other camera anomalies while photographing the Sun.

Video mirrored from MrsRd in which we look how fear porn really does affect peoples lives – please show support and visit MrsRd channel and continue to support truth with open honest research over fear for profit.